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190 V diesel engine

190 series cylinder engine is widely used as a kind of excellent performance, high speed and high pow... 查看详情

Maintenance of 190 series diesel e

90 parts of diesel engine, generator, generator and overhaul, repair, the company has the most profes... 查看详情

Wat Gas Generator

Gas turbine is the ignition of fuel gas engine using natural gas, LPG, WTG, high calorific value gas ... 查看详情

Gas Generator

Gas (coal bed gas) generating set is a gas generating unit which uses low concentration gas.... 查看详情

Cummins Series Of Biogas Generatin

Biogas generating unit is the biogas produced by biomass fermentation after purification treatment.... 查看详情


Thelowerlimitofenvironmentaltemperatureis-15Cdegrees,andtheupperlimitis40Cdegree.Otherenvironmentalun... 查看详情


Intermsoftechnicalperformance,theno-loadvoltagesettingrangeoftheunitis95-105%ratedvoltage.... 查看详情


Althoughtheoilfieldhasnetworkpowersupply,butthesupplyisverynormal,oftenbecauseoftheseasonandbadweathe... 查看详情