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The internal and external structure of the generating unit : The outer corners of the generating unit box are rounded, so that the whole box is a streamlined structure. The interior of the box is integrated and a layer of galvanized sheet is installed on the box, making the interior of the box more beautiful and Can better reduce the generator issued by the high and low frequency noise; box of the link screws are set in the box inside and the top.

Pre-sale preparation: strong degree of corrosion resistance seal strong


Trailer Information:

1. The corrosion resistance and good seal strength, rain and moisture;
2 four windows automatic hydraulic support, easy to open;
3 is divided into two and four, uniaxial and biaxial structure;
4. leaf spring suspension structure , The shock effect is good;
5. The four corners of the frame with mechanical support device, trailer on both sides of the operation of anti-skid platform, user-friendly maintenance operations;

Test and Acceptance Control System: Unattended Generators


ATS full name: "dual power automatic transfer switch", is the abbreviation of Automatic Transfer Switching. ATS is mainly used in emergency power supply system, the load circuit from a power supply automatically converted to the generator set power lines to ensure that the important load continuous and reliable operation. Therefore, ATS often used in important places of electricity, such as large shopping malls, hotels, residential and so on. ATS is usually used with the generator set, when the mains power failure, the generator automatically obtain the signal, automatically start, and ATS automatically switch, the generator set to the power supply to the power supply line, when the electricity is restored.

Generator repair - maintenance perfect after-sales service


Complete solution

In the service operation and management system, Shandong Watt Power Equipment Co., Ltd. will provide you with a mature and complete solution.

After-sales service

1. To provide free room design, distribution design; 2. Free guidance to install, commissioning;

Training objectives

Course content


Time required


1. System equipment configuration, line laying and its profile
2. System operation and skilled training
3. Under normal circumstances to maintain the operation of the system operation training
4. On duty, supervision, inspection, records, data and information Of the collection and finishing of the training
5. Equipment and lines common troubleshooting and routine maintenance, maintenance methods of learning

Project location

1 day


1. System equipment configuration, line laying and its function
2. System operation principle, operation and management
3. Equipment, line maintenance and maintenance

Project location

1 day


1. The basic working principle of the
system 2. The composition of the system and the main structure of the various parts
3. System operation principle, operation and management
4. Equipment, line maintenance and maintenance
5. System failure analysis and processing
6. Spare parts, spare parts Equipped with

Project location

1 day

Ike watt power after-sales service and warranty
1, service agencies

first-class service organizations: around agents, distributors, technical service department
of the second level services: Ike Watt offices in all provinces
tertiary services: Ai Ke Wate power plant headquarters to service counterparts
2, the terms of service

I am committed Ike watt diesel generator power generation, Shandong factory warranty period of 1 year or 1000 hours of free warranty period (from date of commissioning qualified to be the first time To the date), the warranty period within the generator set any abnormal failure, we are committed to free of charge to provide customers with maintenance services, maintenance of spare parts and maintenance personnel travel expenses are free.
Unit wearing parts, daily use of accessories, man-made operation errors, negligence maintenance, etc. are not covered in this warranty.
To the provisions of the warranty period, the company will continue to "for the sake of customers, the customer is responsible for" the purpose of the implementation of life service system, to provide customers with more satisfied with the technical advice, technical support and maintenance services.
Such as the unit after the insurance has been an abnormal problem, the supplier will be the cost of the factory to provide replacement, after-sales staff will arrive in time after the arrival of the customer to ensure the success of repair units to leave.
Received a customer fault notification, our company will be in 1 hour after the sale of the Commissioner to establish a customer repair track file, 2 hours rushed to the scene, deal with the problem, and put forward the maintenance conclusion or re-set boot.
Sale of all technical staff promised to reach the province within 24 hours, 48 ​​hours outside the province arrived.
Shandong Watt Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. National free after-sale Tel: 15553188388,400-6864-190, at any time waiting for your advice to negotiate, 24 hours to answer.
3, after-sales service

During the warranty period, any abnormality occurred in the unit, and the sales department of our company will arrange for the nearest after-sales service network from the customer's location to be sent as soon as possible. The warranty period will be carried during the warranty period until the unit is restored After normal use of our staff to leave.