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about us

Message from the Chairman

Shandong Wat PowerCo., Ltd. Chairman Sun Jianguo

Comrades and friends:

Kay song old age, Golden Chicken spring. 2017 Lunar New Year's bell is about to ring. On behalf of Shandong Wat PowerCo., Ltd. management team, and in my name on behalf of the Group to the global staff and family members at home and abroad, to contribute to the development of enterprises in the various periods of the old leadership , Retired employees, to long-term concern to support the development of enterprises partners, friends from all walks of life to the blessing of the New Year!

Just past 2016, is an unforgettable and fulfilling year. We have experienced the past decade the most severe test, but also ushered in the market a rapid rebound. We deepen reform and scientific response to "reduce costs, destroy losses, grasp innovation" three campaigns, "3 +1" equation and thirteen tough battle as the main line, open source and throttling, hard training internal strength, consolidate the development foundation, improve operational efficiency, Seize the external opportunities, a comprehensive profit subsidiaries, corporate sales revenue to a new high, to achieve the "thirteen" strategic planning a good start.

In 2016, we ushered in the 10th anniversary of the establishment of Watt Electrical and Mechanical Services. Ups and downs for ten years, we walked all the way together. After several struggles and dreams, we are pleased to see that the pace of reform and innovation of enterprises is more robust, the strategic layout is more perfect, the cultural heritage is more heavy, the development of the road more broad, an international, modern, diversified watt electromechanical! At this moment, our hearts are full of gratitude. We are grateful to the great times to create the opportunity to thank the community to give the support, thanks to the broad masses of partners storm, but also thank all the hard work to pay!

Standing on a new historical starting point, we meet the promise of "towards the high-end, across a hundred years, do not forget the beginning, continue to move forward," the oath. Weichai people have to look up at the stars, but also down to earth, to achieve this agreement, we need more efforts to work more.

Rooster singing a world white, sailing at the time. 2017 is the enterprise to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the key years, but also full of challenges and test of the year. In the new year, we will continue to be determined to win the confidence, and always maintain the crisis awareness, and always keep the entrepreneurial passion, and always maintain the reform of the spirit, and always maintain a pragmatic style, unswervingly deepen reform and innovation, accelerate strategic transformation, A round of development. We will continue to improve the WOS operating system, to promote the floor in the whole group to promote, continue to improve operational control level. We will be a comprehensive speed towards the high-end strategy, focus on creating three core competitiveness, fine products and services for customers to create more value. We will give the whole group to support the development of overseas business, deepen strategic coordination, to achieve a new breakthrough in international operations. Jinan Watt Electrical and Mechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is the staff of Weichai, the development of the results to be shared by all staff, the new year, we will work for the staff to do good things, do practical things, so that employees work in watt, happiness in watt.

Comrades, friends!

The occasion of the old and new, we have the hearts of hope, more play. Let us join hands, toward the construction of watt, always maintain the everlasting dream of the foundation, together with their sleeves and refueling, and strive to create a better tomorrow!

Finally, I wish you a happy New Year, happy well!


Shandong Wat PowerCo., Ltd. Chairman

Sun Jianguo

January 27, 2017