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Ikewate 's Talent Development Guiding Ideology

Implement the "human resources is the first resource" thinking.

Ekwat Talent Development Policy

To implement the party and the state put forward the "service development, talent priority, to use this, innovation mechanism, high-end lead, the overall development" 24 word policy.

Ekwat 's Talent Development Strategy

Wuhu four satisfied that talent, eclectic down talent, everyone is a talent, people do their best.

Ekwat 's Talent Development Strategy Principle

Adhere to the "talent is the first resource", to give priority to the development of the principle; adhere to the "talent investment is the best investment," to give priority to the principle of adherence to the "democratic open competitive preferred", preferred to meet the scientific development of Ikewat Requirements of the principle of talent; adhere to the "value of investment philosophy", give priority to the development of high-end talent.

Ekwat Talent Development Strategic Objectives

To create first-class talent in the field of energy.

Through three to five years of efforts to cultivate a moderate quantity, good quality, reasonable structure, able to lead and support Ikewat towards the international first-class integrated energy enterprise talent team.

We have three years to five years of efforts to focus on cultivating a number of high management level, the market development ability of outstanding entrepreneurs; a number of international and domestic leading level, good at cracking the technical problems of science and technology leader; a large number of superb skills, Master the skills of highly skilled talent.

Through three to five years of efforts to build a scientific Ekewatt talent work system, the formation of the development of the staff is conducive to the development of the organization environment, to explore a set of new era of talent training and effective ways and means to achieve Sustainable and healthy development of Ikewat talent.